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Your Local Contacts

For assistance with specific or science-related aspects of your project, contact the local Lake or River Biologist in your area. For assistance with financial aspects of your project, contact the Environmental Grant Specialist.

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Pamela Toshner

Healthy Lakes & Rivers Team Leader

Pamela Toshner
Lake & Watershed Protection Specialist – Water Quality Bureau/Environmental Management Division
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
T: 715-635-4073

Pamela Toshner


Upcoming Events

Webinar archives

Shoreline Gardening for Lake Health (December 2022)
(As part of the Winter Water Talks series.)
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Shoreline Gardening for Healthy Lakes and Rivers (May 2020)
(As part of the Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Webinar Series.)
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Let's Make Healthy Lakes & Rivers Together webinar (April 2020)
(As part of the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership's Lake Conservation Webinar Blitz.)
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August 2015, Sustainable Strategies Webinar
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November 2014, Introducing Healthy Lakes: Funding for Lakeshore Best Practices
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Science of Healthy Lakes & Rivers

Natural Science

Social Science

The science of lake and river management has advanced significantly over the last few decades. We better understand natural science – how lakes and rivers function and the importance of shorelands to lake and river health, as well as the social science – how people and their attitudes and behaviors affect lakes and rivers.

Need seed money to grow the Healthy Lakes & Rivers initiative in your community?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources can help with Healthy Lakes & Rivers Grants, any eligible applicant can apply!

5 Steps to Funding